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Book Title: Ender's Game

Author: Orson Scott Card

Genre: Science-Fiction

Exposition: Ender is a six-year old boy who is sent to Battle School; the military for the intergalactic war. Major Anderson and Colonel Graff believe that Ender may be the next best commander in the history of commanders. They plan to do anything; from isolation, to stress, to pure fear to make Ender never quit. While on Earth, Ender's siblings, Peter and Valentine, are having their own problems. Peter, being jealous that he didn't make it to Battle School, seeks control and wants to rule the world, wanting to be better than Ender. Valentine is helping him as well, jealous too from Ender's success. They are hidden under the networks, shaping the future for the Earth through passages and articles. There will be no Earth if Ender fails to become the commander everyone hopes he will be since the war is approaching quickly.

Summary of my book

I started a new book. The title is "The Selection" and the author is Kiera Cass.

America Singer is a sixteen year old girl who lives in a world were they have castes. Castes are rankings from one to eight, eight being the lowest. When you are born into a number, they have certain jobs for that number. Fives can be singers or artists and Sixes are servants. America is a five and she sings. They live under the rules of royalty, meaning that a king and queen rule that land. There is an event called the Selection. This is when a group of girls from the ages sixteen to twenty are chosen to come to the castle and be chosen by a royalty that needs to be wed. In this case it is Prince Maxon. The time has come for him to be married and letters are sent out to girls, and then chosen by a person to live in the castle, until the prince makes his choice. America decided to go, just to get the money from participating for her family since they really needed that. America believed that she couldn't love someone she didn't know, and is struggling a bit to stay in the competition to gather enough money for her family. She soon falls in love with the place and decides that things aren't so bad after all.

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