Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Blog Post #8 - Literary Terms

Book: Shatter Me

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Narrator/Point of View: The narrator is Julliette. Julliete is a girl who was out in a psych ward; a place where people who were thought to be insane stayed. Julliete wasn't insane, she had a power. She could kill anyone she touched. She was soon taken by the government to be used as a weapon against the rebels. The point of view in this story is first person. While there are other characters, such as Adam and Warner, we don't see what they are going through. We only see what Julliete sees. Julliete is the main focus here.

Mood: The author wants us to feel shocked or surprised. There were many twists in the story such as Adam being able to touch her, Waner who was the bad guy was also able to, there is a whole society of people with powers, and so on. The story had many sudden turning points and that was just shocking. I also think the she would want us to feel empathetic. She goes into detail of how terrible Julliete felt when she touched someone on accident and nearly killed them. She expresses Julliete's pain when her parents left her because they thought she was a curse to them. She was trying to place us in her shoes.

Tone: The author has tone that sounds hopeful and terrified. She wrote with many gorey details such as "blood pooled beneath him, trickling down the pavement" but she wrote much more about the wounds and war that was going on. It sounded like she was scared of this dystopian place, as of she was there herself. At the same time she sounded hopeful, since she was writing down new solutions to fight the government back. The way she wrote the emotional stance of the character made me feel like she was trying to be hopeful herself so that she can insert that within the book. She also must have felt hopeful since this story included relatable things such as fear of society and fear of being yourself.

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