Friday, March 10, 2017

Illustration 1 - Blog Post #5

The image that I drew is from the book, "The Alchemyst". This book is about magic and the art of mastering it. Two twins, Sophie and Josh Newman, discovered that they knew the greatest alchemyst in the world. Nicholas Flamel, who is the Alchemyst, had the Book of Abraham Mage stolen from him. The twins and Nick are joined by other powerful legends to find and retrieve the book.

The drawing is showing the first performance of magic that Sophie performs. She is the first of the twins to have their power Awakend or revealed. She has a powerful aura; a pure silver color. This aura is rare and extremely dangerous. She pulls out the whip of pure aura magic and proves to her enemies that she can do more. This weapon is revealed when she is fighting the Cat Goddess, Bastet. This shows that Sophie is powerful but at the same time, extremely dangerous.

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