Thursday, March 16, 2017

Blog Post #6 - Vocabulary

Book: The Lost Years of Merlin

Plot: Emrys, a twelve year old boy, plans to find his home and past after he forget everything when he crashed into a pile of rocks on shore at the age of seven. He encounters the truth that he has the magic to save the world and the new island that he found that was in danger.

Assignment: Find five words you didn't know and define them

1. Word: Pinnacle  Page: 3

    Definition: a high pointed place of a rock or the highest point of something

2. Word: Careened  Page: 7

    Definition: to move swiftly but in an uncontrolled way, not going in a certain direction

3. Word: Dialects  Page: 15

    Definition: a form of speaking from a certain region or place; local language of a place

4.  Word: Cajole  Page: 19

     Definition: persuading to do something with flattery or coaxing

5.  Word: Crass. Page: 23

     Definition: lacking intelligence, sensitivity, or sophistication

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