Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Blog #4

What paragraph in your book interests you and why?

"Every human has a similar glow around their body. In the distant past, people could see it clearly and they named is aura. It comes from the Greek word for breath. As humans evolved most lost the ability to see the aura. Some can of course." - Nicholas Flamel  (The Alchemyst, Pg 40)

This book is about magic and the people who had these powers. Nicholas was one of them, and he and his wife have been keeping a sacred book safe, until Dr. John Dee stole it from them. Two twins named Sophie and Josh helped Flamel to keep the last two pages of the book, which were an important part of the book. Now they are on their way, gathering other legendary people to help them.

This particular paragraph interested me because of the auras. In the book, Nicholas says that everyone has a distinct color and smell to their aura magic. He has the smell of mint, Dee has the smell of rotten eggs, Josh has the smell of oranges, and so on. Auras with a single color are rare and auras with multiple colors are more common. Also, Nicholas explains that auras colors attract certain things. His wife has an aura of a pale shimmer white, attract ghosts and dead spirits. Even if this is magic, I find this fascinating. Overall this book does have many surprises, but to think that auras in this book can be so different from one another is incredible. Myths, legends, and magic excite me and are something interesting to read.

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