Friday, February 3, 2017

Blog #3 - Questions

Here are 5 questions that I thought of while reading my book, "Small as an Elephant" by Jennifer Richard Jacobson.

Short summary of the book, Jack Martel was left behind by his mother while on a camping trip. Jack is trying to find his mom, but since he is from Boston and their camping trip was in Maine, Jack doesn't know where to start. So he's just wandering around trying to find his mom.

1. What kind of mental disorder does his mom have?

2. How did Jack form his obsession with elephants?

3. Why did Jack run away from the authorities, even though he knew that everyone was looking for him to return him home?

4. How did seeing Lydia the elephant help Jack?

5. When Jack broke his pinky, why didn't he ask for medical assistance when he was still in the camping grounds?

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