Monday, April 25, 2016

Blog: Intro to Poetry Reflection

1. I think that a poem should tell a story but, the story has to be hidden in some way so then the reader can try to figure out what is the meaning in the poem. A poem should have a strong and emotional meaning behind it, since most poems are emotional or deep in some manner. Maybe the poem can mean something that is relatable but you won't really realize it until you've read it a few times.

2. A poem probably shouldn't have very long stanzas and lines that basically give the whole life lesson away before you can even figure it out. A poem should be challenging and some what entertaining because you should be able to get the "realization moment" once they have founded what the meaning is. Let's face it, if you write your stanzas super long, go write a novel instead.

4.  Well,  both talk about one simple choice, mistake, or thing. In the case for the Williams poems, it talks about the ability to not able to resist so,ethnic and an item that is small but important. The Bradstreet poem talks about love, a simple thing that can a make two people very happy. These are the simple things that make life fun, good, easy, and basically a lesson.

3. The differences in the two poems, other than that they talk about different things is that one poem expresses itself in more detail than the other that is small but very meaningful. The Williams poems are very short but somehow send a meaningful message. The other poem, is a bit confusing and takes a while to process but soon, you'll figure out the message it is sending.

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