Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blog: About my father Jackie Robinson

1. I suppose that Sharon Robinson wrote that article because she wanted to make people aware that her father broke the color barrier when her father, Jackie Robinson, played with white men. She wanted to let the people know what her father did to change history.

2. As Sharon said in the beginning, her father broke the color barrier, which is what separated black and white men from playing in sports. Branch Rickey brought her father, Jack Roosevelt Robinson, to come in to play with a white men baseball team in order to break the barrier. This article is about how  noto hing is impossible. Sure there will be obstacles in the way in order to get to your main goal, but that goal could change the world forever. Jackie did that. He broke the color barrier and now African Americans can,play in sports and have many other freedoms.

3. The color barrier didn't allow negro players to play in the Majors. How? Since there was mostly white players on the team and since most people disliked the negros, negros had their own separated teams and sports. By that, it means that they can only play with people of their colors and couldn't play with the best of the best in the Majors.

4. Obviously, Rickey needed to have a good ball player on the field if he was going to bring in a negro. Robinson had a nice record in his days of college and baseball. Rickey needed a good man, someone who could play ball, and someone who can mange not to fight back. From the good records Rickey saw in Robinson's past, he was pretty sure that Jackie would be the right one.

5.  Rickey needed someone who wouldn't fight back. The players and audience would do anything to anger him, something in order to make Jackie look bad. Something to make the negros look bad. Something that would mess up their reputation. Jackie needed to show that he had the guts in order NOT to fight back, to make it clear that negros can do amazing things. To show that any colored people should be treated the same was as the white people. He needed someone who can be a role model, a leader to everyone and that person was Jackie Robinson.

6. Robinson has earned respect. He won many awards and won many games for his teams. Now a days, we see people of all skin colors playing on the fields. Everyone is breaking barriers from sports, religion, languages, and many other things. We can be sure, that Jackie Robinson helped in contributing to break the color barriers. Today people are continuing to break barriers.

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