Friday, March 4, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #4

A person that fascinates is is a Youtuber named Connor Franta.

Connor Franta is one of those motivational Youtubers who motivates people to go on. He isn't afraid to be himself around others and on the Internet. Connor is really honest and actually care for the people out there who have troubles or problems. He frequently opens his advice box and tries to give the best advice he can. He also has a nice sense of humor and always tries to make his fans smile. He posts a video every Monday on "Frantastic Monday". He share his life with us and usually adds something motivational in there. Connor loves to tell stories and to entertain the people of the Internet. He really doesn't mind being himself and people don't judge him for who he is. For some reason, I feel like he is different from the other Youtubers. He is very sweet and caring. Even though there are other Youtubers out there like him, I feel like there is something different about him than the rest.


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