Thursday, March 3, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #3

Like I said before in my first March Madness blog, I have a major fear of crowds. It happened when I got lost in a huge stadium. It was so crowded, I lost the touch of my mothers hand and I practically screamed and ran around, desperate to look for my family. I was only six. Ever since then, I always stayed near my family and whoever I see a huge crowd of people I immediately take a different route that has less people. I run through a crowd of people if I do get stuck in a huge crowd. If that doesn't work, push through the clusters of humans. If that doesn't work either, find a empty spot and escape from there.

If all else fails, I scream.

Remember kids, I am very afraid of crowds so if you don't want your ear popped from my scream, make some room for me to walk by without harming anyone's ears :)

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