Saturday, March 26, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #26


1. I wish that people would respect me.

I mean I feel like people stay away from me in school and only come up to me for homework help. Hello? I am a living human! I mean, people in my excel class just edge away from where I am sitting. One time I overheard this person saying to his friend "Hey, say sup to her and if she says it back that means she has no friends.". Seriously?! Is it my choice of friends? Am I different? Is it because I am one of the smartest kids in most classes? Is it because of my religion? Is something wrong with me?! Do people think I am weird? Hey, I have feelings too and seriously a lot of people exclude me and my friends from activities. I guess we are awkwardly social.

2. I wish that I can make a living out of what I know and what I love to do.

I know that some people make a living based on what they love. For example, I know how to draw and how to do crafts. I also know about photography and filming. One of my goals is to become a YouTuber. I know there are people who YouTube their lives and they can make a living out of that. I want to have a job but at least enjoy my life while working.

3. I wish that I can support my family and friends when they need support.

Sometimes, school work and other activities get in the way from supporting my friends and family. Yes, school is important but family and friends come first. Even if I try to support them, my homework is always there waiting for attention. Sometimes I am doing other things that are important but then my family need support. Friends and family are always first!

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