Thursday, March 24, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #24

Okay, no matter what you say or what you do to me, I am not changing my opinion.

Gamers are overrated.

Seriously, there are so many other amazing YouTube channels out there yet people mostly watch gamers. Gamers seem to be popular because of their priceless reactions, the games they play, and probably because of their sense of humor. Gamers play video games and do a couple of other things. I mean, I know that gamers are supposed to be gaming and all that but I would prefer to watch a Youtuber that travels and goes outside for filming rather than seeing someone inside playing a game. I know, gamers show you how to beat games and how to win them. I am that person who would rather learn about things I can do that are productive. Sure, I guess some games are productive but not all of them are. I just cannot believe that most people would watch someone playing a game than learn something or get a laugh out from another video. Come on! There is more to the world out there than video games.

There are so many other YouTubers out there. Why not just try to watch something different for a chance?

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