Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #23

You may know my brother Josue. Yes, Josue seems like that good kid in school but at home it is a completely different thing. Josue scream a lot. He will scream whenever it is quiet or when he has a conspiracy, it is very strange. He is strange in general. He has the craziest ideas and thoughts and he is a goofy guy. He jokes around and makes so many sound effects. One time he threw himself on the floor got back up and did it over and over again!

Then there is the quiet side of Josue. He is calm and collective. The only words he basically say is "Shut up." and "Go away.". Josue is rather serious and he tries to stay formal and natural. He usually tries to be a good boy but once he is at home, he is a wild and crazy guy.

No lies.

You can ask him.

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