Monday, March 21, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #21


1. "Good Mythical Morning!"

If you ever search up Good Mythical Morning or GMM, a channel on YouTube will show up. This channel leads to videos that to men named Rhett and Link make. I always laugh out loud when I hear that because than I know that someone else in this world is a Mythical Beast, which is what they call their fans. Plus, those videos always make me laugh and when I think of them I laugh.

2. "Star Wars."

Star Wars is a huge fandom I am a part of. Marisa has gotten into it lately and every time we hear or see something that is Star Wars related we laugh way too much. We have been trying to "escape" Star Wars but it seems to follow us. We need help.


Ah. I love the sound of someone getting frustrated. It makes me laugh sometimes because I know that feeling myself. I feel you friend, I know that stress is a pain in the neck. It is okay... sorta of.

4. "What?"

I always laugh at this. Even when a teacher or someone has already explained a situation or something else to another companion, there is always one person who says "What?". It is so funny how they get confused and how they say it ten seconds later. Late reaction!

5. "Ha. Ha. HA."

I really like it when people hint out at their sarcasm. I do like being sarcastic but only when it is appropriate. Some people have funny sarcasm and others have cruel sarcasm. I prefer the funny sarcasm because.... it is funny!

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