Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #2


1. What I really look for in someone, is someone caring. I don't want someone who will care for themselves and only themselves. I want someone who is willing to help others out and care for the world and me of course.

2. A fun filled person. I love joking around and I love speaking about random topics and things. So someone loopy and fun would be able to keep me talking till I lose my voice.

3. A sweet heart. People who are sweet and kind always get me. I love seeing people being warm hearted to all different kinds of people and seeing people being sweet and kind to everyone. Always brightens my day.

4.  Someone  with culture and who isn't afraid to try new things. I am always up to try new things if someone is along with me. People who know more about older things should be able to have a background in history and should be able to tell many stories about their past in different countries. Story time is best time.

5. Now this is like most girls and boys, a cute smile, laugh, and eyes always get me. Can I help it if someone looks adorable when they laugh? No. Can I help it that their eyes look so pretty? No. If their smile is so sweet? No. I love those types of characteristics in all people, makes everyone look beautiful because everyone has a different smile, eyes, and laugh that separates them from the rest.


6. A person who will always be there for me in the darkest times. I would like someone who will be there for support and who will always try to motivate me to keep going. Inspiration and motivating. I also would like someone who will be serious when they have to be serious

7. Now someone with humor and who is really funny is always nice to be around. I also look for that in guys because I want someone who is fun and funny to be around. Then the fun will never end!

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