Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog #15 - Thinking

What interests me the most in The Giver is how they set up the jobs for the Twelves. It is kind of suspicious that they basically see and hear what you are doing in order to find out what is they best job for you. It is surprising how most of the time they get a job that can fit the person exactly. It is like you are basically a lab rat and they observe you in order to find out more about you. That is kind of creepy in a way. I mean other than that, I'm basically only interested in the ceremonies. It is so weird how they handle those things and it is just very confusing at certain points. Some of they things they give kid who age up make sense and other don't.

Now what interests me in my book, The Year of the Hangman, is how this kid can get kidnapped by an order. His uncle basically asked his men to kidnap Creigh. I mean they could have done it much simpler and instead, they gag him and throw him on a ship. It is slightly amusing to see him being kidnapped over and over again. I get it that it is war but Criegh's own kind kidnapped him! It would have been way different if an Amefian kidnapped him

Basically everything bothers me in The Giver. Everything in that world is so messed up. Killing a twin just because it looks like another person? Ridiculous! Killing people instead of taking them to Elsewhere or that happy place? That is cruel! They have a rule for everything and everything in that world see,s more complex than "perfect".

What bother me in The Year of the Hangman is that Criegh cannot protect himself. Come on Creigh! He can always try to protect himself. If I was him I wouldn't go down without a fight. He could try not to give up and he could always fight back. He could have had a chance to escape but instead he gave up.

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