Friday, March 11, 2016

Blog #14 - Alternative Ending

1. Jonas and Gabriel were cold and tired. Gabriel was getting weaker. How did Jonas find the strength to go on?

Jonas had the sudden memories of happiness. He was remembering about his family, his friends, the good times, and The Giver. He was remembering the little things that made him happy. He felt sudden happiness and joy. He felt hope once again.

2. What result did Jonas's brief encounter with sunshine have on him?

Jonas wanted to keep the sunlight to himself, to keep he warmth and bask in the sun. He had the sudden urge that he had to share something so soothing and happy with someone else. His feelings of love and caring came into him and he decided to share the beauty of warmth.

3. Jonas "was aware with certainty and joy that below, ahead, they were waiting for him; and that they were waiting, too, for the baby." Why was Jonas so certain?

Jonas was hearing the music and people singing. Maybe he did die, maybe Elsewhere was like heaven. Maybe Elsewhere is heaven! Since Jonas and Gabriel were so cold maybe they did die from hypothermia or something. Jonas did hear the music and singing, but behind him was the echoes of the old songs that he had left. He was heading towards a new beginning.


As Jonas and Gabriel slide closer and closer to the bottom of the hill, Jonas felt the sled skidding around, and he and Gabriel tumbled down the hill. The soft snow didn't hurt as much as hard ice, but it was freezing cold. Jonas was on the edge of giving up and Gabriel was crying. Jonas cried and cried, wishing, and was hoping that it would all end. The pain, the fear, and the struggle. He tried to get back up but stumbled again. Their bodies were so cold that at the touch of their skin it could freeze a finger.

Jonas suddenly felt a small glowing sensation. Warmth. He felt warmth and sunshine. He felt like he was coming home to fireplace. He looked up and the sun was out, snow was melting around him. Gabe was giggling once again as he pointed to a figure walking to him.

A girl, with pale eyes and around his age kneeled down to him.

"Where I am?" he asked.
"You are in Elsewhere, I guess you can say that." she smiled and laughed a bit.
The laugh, it seemed so familiar and it seemed so hear it.
"What is your name?" she asked
"Jonas. This is Gabriel." he said as he held Gabe close.
"Nice to meet you Jonas. Come on and we will clean you up." she said as she helped Jonas up to his feet.

All pain was gone and Jonas felt happy and free. He felt like there was nothing else to face, no danger, no pain, no worries. Jonas felt like this was the life he and Gabriel were waiting for.

"My name is Rosemary." she said as she smiled.

At that moment happiness filled him up again. He was free, the people around him singing once again. He felt joy, peace, and love. Happier he was as he realized that soon, The Giver would also join them.

For the first time, Jonas felt free.

Jonas looked down and he could see everything. He could see the other communities. He found his. As he looked closer into his community he could see his family and friends. They were crying. They were actually feeling real sadness. The grief of his own death he thought. Everyone else seemed frazzled. Worried about the memories they would have to face, the pain and feelings they would feel. The Giver was there, looking up and smiling. Jonas had the sensation that the Giver knew he was in Elsewhere. Jonas smiled back and he felt love again. He loved the Giver, and his family truly did love him.

Jonas knew that he and Gabriel will be just fine in Elsewhere. They knew that there would be no more pain, suffering or loss.

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