Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blog #12 - Legacy

I guess I would like to be remembered for my writing skills. Some people say that I have an advanced writing skill and that I can always take a step up. I never do because I don't really believe that I have great writing skills. I want to put confidence in people, I want them to feel like they are worth something and that they should never give up. 

For example, the debate we had here. Yes I still remember the clarity of my self yelling at everyone and trying to make my point shine. I can seriously be and inspirational speaker if I wanted to. Though, I don't want to scare the people because most people see me as someone quiet, polite, and shy. I have more power inside of me and it is waiting to be released into this world. I can and if I want to, be a public speaker. I just need to get out of my shell and throw myself to the world. It is basically like jumping from one cliff to another. You may fall to death or make it across safely. I plan to make it across or to die as a hero. As someone another person can respect. 

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