Thursday, February 18, 2016

What if?

In Jonas' world, they have no knowledge about historical events or family history. What if in our world, no one knew about historical events?

I would probably be wondering, thinking, how did this world came to be? I would be asking so many questions, it could make some head pound from frustration and stress. The public may never know, how did this statue came to be. Where did these symbols, items, and other things were invented. Many questions would be unanswered and just stay stuck in the minds of people, drifting off into the thinking area. For our whole entire lives, we may be wondering about our existence and our life that was in the past.

Imagine that we never knew how America has gotten it's freedom. The public will obviously be wondering how we received our freedom. Along with our freedom came the flag, symbols of freedom, the declaration, the constitution, and many other symbols of freedom. People will always be wondering how did all this came to be.

If we didn't know the past, then, how would we learn from our mistakes? We would be doing the same mistake over and over again. It would probably be the same for inventions and other things. We would always be wondering and thinking, how we can make this better. If we can't learn from the past then we will never learn from our mistakes.

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