Friday, February 19, 2016

Blog #4 - Unity through Conformity?

The conformity in Jonas' world does help the other bond over things.  First of all, everyone would get along and everyone would be equal. No one would be higher than the other and be causing anger to to their bragging and boasting about being higher. There wouldn't be any fights or quarrels since everyone is equal! The town would also be safe since other people have their backs and protect them. The rules are just to keep them safe. Not only that but everyone would be together and be bonding together.

It is kind of like slavery. Everyone was forced to be the same and to get along. So, I guess we can say that in Jonas' world the are kind of forced to be together and to act the same way everyone else does. Same with Hitler. Hitler only wanted people to look the same, have the same religion, and have many other same qualities. Jonas' world has most of those things. Same clothes, stick with age groups, and many other traits.

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