Monday, April 25, 2016

Blog: Intro to Poetry Reflection

1. I think that a poem should tell a story but, the story has to be hidden in some way so then the reader can try to figure out what is the meaning in the poem. A poem should have a strong and emotional meaning behind it, since most poems are emotional or deep in some manner. Maybe the poem can mean something that is relatable but you won't really realize it until you've read it a few times.

2. A poem probably shouldn't have very long stanzas and lines that basically give the whole life lesson away before you can even figure it out. A poem should be challenging and some what entertaining because you should be able to get the "realization moment" once they have founded what the meaning is. Let's face it, if you write your stanzas super long, go write a novel instead.

4.  Well,  both talk about one simple choice, mistake, or thing. In the case for the Williams poems, it talks about the ability to not able to resist so,ethnic and an item that is small but important. The Bradstreet poem talks about love, a simple thing that can a make two people very happy. These are the simple things that make life fun, good, easy, and basically a lesson.

3. The differences in the two poems, other than that they talk about different things is that one poem expresses itself in more detail than the other that is small but very meaningful. The Williams poems are very short but somehow send a meaningful message. The other poem, is a bit confusing and takes a while to process but soon, you'll figure out the message it is sending.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blog: About my father Jackie Robinson

1. I suppose that Sharon Robinson wrote that article because she wanted to make people aware that her father broke the color barrier when her father, Jackie Robinson, played with white men. She wanted to let the people know what her father did to change history.

2. As Sharon said in the beginning, her father broke the color barrier, which is what separated black and white men from playing in sports. Branch Rickey brought her father, Jack Roosevelt Robinson, to come in to play with a white men baseball team in order to break the barrier. This article is about how  noto hing is impossible. Sure there will be obstacles in the way in order to get to your main goal, but that goal could change the world forever. Jackie did that. He broke the color barrier and now African Americans can,play in sports and have many other freedoms.

3. The color barrier didn't allow negro players to play in the Majors. How? Since there was mostly white players on the team and since most people disliked the negros, negros had their own separated teams and sports. By that, it means that they can only play with people of their colors and couldn't play with the best of the best in the Majors.

4. Obviously, Rickey needed to have a good ball player on the field if he was going to bring in a negro. Robinson had a nice record in his days of college and baseball. Rickey needed a good man, someone who could play ball, and someone who can mange not to fight back. From the good records Rickey saw in Robinson's past, he was pretty sure that Jackie would be the right one.

5.  Rickey needed someone who wouldn't fight back. The players and audience would do anything to anger him, something in order to make Jackie look bad. Something to make the negros look bad. Something that would mess up their reputation. Jackie needed to show that he had the guts in order NOT to fight back, to make it clear that negros can do amazing things. To show that any colored people should be treated the same was as the white people. He needed someone who can be a role model, a leader to everyone and that person was Jackie Robinson.

6. Robinson has earned respect. He won many awards and won many games for his teams. Now a days, we see people of all skin colors playing on the fields. Everyone is breaking barriers from sports, religion, languages, and many other things. We can be sure, that Jackie Robinson helped in contributing to break the color barriers. Today people are continuing to break barriers.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Blog: 42 Reflection

Discrimination is when a person is judging a person of another race with insults, physical abuse, verbal abuse, peer pressure and other things that seem very harmful. For example if a white man call an African American man a bad word then that would be discrimination. Or like how Donald Trump wants to import Mexicans back to Mexico. Another example would be if  a group of white children exclude colored people away from their group.

One time I was in Kindergarden and there was mostly white kids in my class. Many of them excluded me and the other Mexican kids from their groups. They said we were very "mean and aggressive". They basically judged us because of our skin color. It was sad. I talked to my teacher about it and the kids didn't seem so happy when I had to play with them. In the end we all got along and we managed to stay friends for some years.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Blog: When is there dignity in silence?

Well, I guess it depends on the situation. For example if you don't yell back at the person who is accusing you or who is yelling at you, they could take it as respect and that you know you shouldn't yell back. Other may take it that you have actually done it and will definitely take it that you have done the wrong doing. Silence can also let the people know that you are strong and you can take the obstacles that come your way, whether it be insults or yelling. Silence can also show that you take things in a serious manner and that you know it isn't no joke. Silence can also earn people's respect because they know that you are serious in your area of your job. They know that you will take the job seriously no matter at what cost. Silence can earn you respect on some ways.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #31

My first time reading a book was in second grade. I have hated books when I was in Kindergarden and first grade. I just didn't like them, they were basically my worst nightmare. I absolutely hated books. In second grade during the middle of he school year we had to do AR reading and it was worth a grade. I was so scared and angry because I hated books and I didn't want to read. My teacher reassured me that I'll do fine. After that I picked up s Magic Treehouse Book and started to read. I kept reading and reading and reading. Now up to this day, I a, obsseded with books and honestly, I'm running out of books to read.

Well... most of the time I sneak a few chapters of my book in class.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #30

So one time in church I was feeling down because something had happened. My best friend outside of school, Aaron, was there and he saw that I was unhappy. I am rarely sad so it was different to see me like this. I talked to him about my problems and most of them were with friendship. All he said was, "Hey you are an amazing person and a very good friend. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't be your friend, but you always have me as a friend.". That was probably the nicest thing someone has ever said to me and that made my day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #29

I believe that there are alternative universes in this world. There are some pieces of evidence that may lead up to another world. Someday there is going to be another human just like us coming through a portal saying "Where am I?". I truly think there are alternative universes.

I believe in many things it is just too much to list.

Oh well.

Monday, March 28, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #28


We all need food in order to live, it is one of our essentials to life. Food gives us energy an we use that energy for activities we do daily. Food can help us in many ways but you have to be careful on what you eat. Some foods are healthy for us and other are unhealthy. Junk food, like candy, chips, cookies, and all the foods that most kids eat today are bad for us. Other food like lettuce, kale, apples, basically anything in the vegetable and fruit family are good for us. Either way most people today eat whatever they want. Food is what we need to survive but we should also be careful on what we choose to eat.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #27

Believe in yourself  and all that you are!

There are so many people out there who are low on self esteem or who have problems with the social life. They think that they cannot do anything. That is not true! As long as they can believe that they can do it, they could. If they did something wrong, there are no regrets because you at least tried to accomplish what you wanted. Everyone is amazing in their own ways and you should never push yourself down.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #26


1. I wish that people would respect me.

I mean I feel like people stay away from me in school and only come up to me for homework help. Hello? I am a living human! I mean, people in my excel class just edge away from where I am sitting. One time I overheard this person saying to his friend "Hey, say sup to her and if she says it back that means she has no friends.". Seriously?! Is it my choice of friends? Am I different? Is it because I am one of the smartest kids in most classes? Is it because of my religion? Is something wrong with me?! Do people think I am weird? Hey, I have feelings too and seriously a lot of people exclude me and my friends from activities. I guess we are awkwardly social.

2. I wish that I can make a living out of what I know and what I love to do.

I know that some people make a living based on what they love. For example, I know how to draw and how to do crafts. I also know about photography and filming. One of my goals is to become a YouTuber. I know there are people who YouTube their lives and they can make a living out of that. I want to have a job but at least enjoy my life while working.

3. I wish that I can support my family and friends when they need support.

Sometimes, school work and other activities get in the way from supporting my friends and family. Yes, school is important but family and friends come first. Even if I try to support them, my homework is always there waiting for attention. Sometimes I am doing other things that are important but then my family need support. Friends and family are always first!

Friday, March 25, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #25

HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR DESK (the proper way)

Step 1: Make sure to remove all content that is on your desk. This includes any thing that is in the cabinets or that is under the desk. Make sure that EVERYTHING is off of your desk.

Step 2: First, you want to arrange where you are going to put certain things. For example, pick a spot where you will put your notebook, then you will never forget where it is. For teachers, make sure to arrange your items, such as decor and penicl holders by color or size. That way it would look very nice and professional like.

Step 3: Once you have decided where you are going to put certain items, you have got to make sure you file your papers in a way where you will be able to find them easily. Teachers, please remember that detentions should go in a cabinet where you will remember where it is or you can put it in a reachable place. If you have other things that aren't papers, make sure to categorize them by type on put them NEATLY into a smaller cabinet. Labeling cabinets could also help!

Step 4: Once everything in the cabinets are ready, now it is time to make your work space. If you are a student, place your penicl, pen, eraser, and sharpener in a place that is reachable. Place your device in front of you where you can reach it easily. Easy breezy, lemon squeezy. Teachers, make sure to put your writing utensils on the side your writing hand is, this could also work for students. Place your laptop in front of you and your other device or devices to your left, in case if you need them. You should also make an area for sticky notes in case if you have those.

Step 5: Check to make sure everything looks neat, precise, and organized. If so, then you have successfully organized your desk. These techniques can also work for other places that are in need of organizing, all you need to do is switch out the school tools with the other items.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #24

Okay, no matter what you say or what you do to me, I am not changing my opinion.

Gamers are overrated.

Seriously, there are so many other amazing YouTube channels out there yet people mostly watch gamers. Gamers seem to be popular because of their priceless reactions, the games they play, and probably because of their sense of humor. Gamers play video games and do a couple of other things. I mean, I know that gamers are supposed to be gaming and all that but I would prefer to watch a Youtuber that travels and goes outside for filming rather than seeing someone inside playing a game. I know, gamers show you how to beat games and how to win them. I am that person who would rather learn about things I can do that are productive. Sure, I guess some games are productive but not all of them are. I just cannot believe that most people would watch someone playing a game than learn something or get a laugh out from another video. Come on! There is more to the world out there than video games.

There are so many other YouTubers out there. Why not just try to watch something different for a chance?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #23

You may know my brother Josue. Yes, Josue seems like that good kid in school but at home it is a completely different thing. Josue scream a lot. He will scream whenever it is quiet or when he has a conspiracy, it is very strange. He is strange in general. He has the craziest ideas and thoughts and he is a goofy guy. He jokes around and makes so many sound effects. One time he threw himself on the floor got back up and did it over and over again!

Then there is the quiet side of Josue. He is calm and collective. The only words he basically say is "Shut up." and "Go away.". Josue is rather serious and he tries to stay formal and natural. He usually tries to be a good boy but once he is at home, he is a wild and crazy guy.

No lies.

You can ask him.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #22

I have many close friends and friends, if you are reading this you are all amazing but I don't feel as close to you guys as I feel as close to this friend. Her name is Ismerai. I have known Ismerai since I was two. Yes, I have known her for that long and we still text and visit each other. She is very kind and caring and can joke around a lot. Her family and my family were basically best friends. Sadly, she had to move to Texas but she visits us every six months and she video chats with me. She really is a great person once you get to know her.

Monday, March 21, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #21


1. "Good Mythical Morning!"

If you ever search up Good Mythical Morning or GMM, a channel on YouTube will show up. This channel leads to videos that to men named Rhett and Link make. I always laugh out loud when I hear that because than I know that someone else in this world is a Mythical Beast, which is what they call their fans. Plus, those videos always make me laugh and when I think of them I laugh.

2. "Star Wars."

Star Wars is a huge fandom I am a part of. Marisa has gotten into it lately and every time we hear or see something that is Star Wars related we laugh way too much. We have been trying to "escape" Star Wars but it seems to follow us. We need help.


Ah. I love the sound of someone getting frustrated. It makes me laugh sometimes because I know that feeling myself. I feel you friend, I know that stress is a pain in the neck. It is okay... sorta of.

4. "What?"

I always laugh at this. Even when a teacher or someone has already explained a situation or something else to another companion, there is always one person who says "What?". It is so funny how they get confused and how they say it ten seconds later. Late reaction!

5. "Ha. Ha. HA."

I really like it when people hint out at their sarcasm. I do like being sarcastic but only when it is appropriate. Some people have funny sarcasm and others have cruel sarcasm. I prefer the funny sarcasm because.... it is funny!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saturday, March 19, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #19

If  I choose a time to live, it would be around the 1980's

Since my parents lived in that time area J want to know how life would be like in that time zone. I would like to know what did people do, what happened around that time, etc. I think it would be fun in some sort of a way.

Friday, March 18, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #18

I have some ideas for many new character called OCs, which stand for Original Characters.  They are basically character that I have made from my original design. I also have ideas for some books that I post online on a website/app called Wattpad. I'm going to start writing more chapter in my book which is a Maze Runner fan fiction. I also have ideas for more futuristic books and alternative universe books. I also have planned to draw interesting things and stick it up my wall since I have needed some wall decor.

I usual do art digitally. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #17

"Things are changing. There's no denying it." - Thomas (The Maze Runner; movie and book) 

This quote seems important to me because things are going to change sooner or later in our world. I won't deny that things are going to change but many people do deny it. I know that sooner or later our world could be totally different. Just like in the Maze and the Glade, everything is going to change, whether it be worse or better. 

Blog #16: Workshop (Reading/Writing)

So, today I was writing about a boy named Tyler who is part robot and who is often bullied by school kids. In his school there is a girl who is a complete robot but acts like a human. She was a failure test and she never given a real name. She thought that failure was her name so now she goes by Failure. Failure and Tyler realize that they are both robots. They go through glitches, pity, sadness, loss, and adventure. I plan to do a very sudden plot twist at the end of the story as well.


As Tyler turned the corner of the hallway, his left side glitching into blue pixels, he bumps into this strange pure white figure. By white, he meant white as the snow. The figure had the pure white colored skin and purple circuits all over her arms, legs, and face. Her eyes were a deep purple and seemed...robotic. Her hair, a glistening silvery color.

"I-I-I am s-s-sorry." she stutters. Her voice seemed to cut off many times.

"My fault. What is your name?" I ask as I help her up.

"Failure. My name is Failure."

I stand there in shock, my mind completely blank. Failure? What kind of a name is that?

Ta-da! I have plenty of ideas in my mind so I don't need more ideas!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #16


1. Stupidity
2. Rudeness
3. Sudden weather changes

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #14

I would really like to learn about photography. I have wanted to take better pictures and make them look professional like. A few times I have fiddled around with some photo editing apps and I have tested with different points of view when it comes to taking photos. I want to learn more about photography so I can take amazing photos. I also have wanted to learn how to draw humans and animals in an anime or manga type style. It is harder than it looks! I can only draw in my own free style but I want to learn how to draw in different and better ways.


Blog #15 - Thinking

What interests me the most in The Giver is how they set up the jobs for the Twelves. It is kind of suspicious that they basically see and hear what you are doing in order to find out what is they best job for you. It is surprising how most of the time they get a job that can fit the person exactly. It is like you are basically a lab rat and they observe you in order to find out more about you. That is kind of creepy in a way. I mean other than that, I'm basically only interested in the ceremonies. It is so weird how they handle those things and it is just very confusing at certain points. Some of they things they give kid who age up make sense and other don't.

Now what interests me in my book, The Year of the Hangman, is how this kid can get kidnapped by an order. His uncle basically asked his men to kidnap Creigh. I mean they could have done it much simpler and instead, they gag him and throw him on a ship. It is slightly amusing to see him being kidnapped over and over again. I get it that it is war but Criegh's own kind kidnapped him! It would have been way different if an Amefian kidnapped him

Basically everything bothers me in The Giver. Everything in that world is so messed up. Killing a twin just because it looks like another person? Ridiculous! Killing people instead of taking them to Elsewhere or that happy place? That is cruel! They have a rule for everything and everything in that world see,s more complex than "perfect".

What bother me in The Year of the Hangman is that Criegh cannot protect himself. Come on Creigh! He can always try to protect himself. If I was him I wouldn't go down without a fight. He could try not to give up and he could always fight back. He could have had a chance to escape but instead he gave up.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #13

My biggest pet peeve is when someone just leaves a huge mess everywhere. I cannot stand a huge mess! I just have the urge to scream and run around when I see a huge mess. I organize everything of course, but I do worry about the neatness in certain areas of the room. Seriously, keep your rooms and desks clean! Another things that bothers me is when someone says, "Oh I'm just going to watch the movie instead of reading the book.". Come on! The book is always better than the movie. Another thing that also bothers me is when they call the sequel of the book a different name. For example, when someone says Maze Runner 2 instead of the Scorch Trails, I want to scream.




Like seriously, that just bugs me so much! I'm also annoyed by people who give away movie or book spoilers, sudden plot twists, people calling the song by the most known line in the lyrics, people texting me five hours later when I am asleep, people forcing me to talk to the public, people making annoying sounds, and many others. Many humans are annoying in general!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #12

I'm currently reading The Year of the Hangman.

I'm currently eating Honey Nut Cheerios.

I'm currently loving Panic! At The Disco.

I'm currently hating waking up this early because I have to go somewhere very early.

I'm currently smelling eggs and bacon.

I'm currently thinking about if I did have a dream or not because I cannot remember.

Friday, March 11, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #11

My favorite piece of clothing is my only Star Wars shirt. It is comfy and very smooth. I love how the shirt can go very well with some dark jeans. I am also a big nerd when it comes to Star Wars and I love all the characters in the movies and books. This shirt is also very adorable with the cute little drawings on it. I am looking forward to buying another shirt and maybe a sweatshirt. I love it so much!


Blog #14 - Alternative Ending

1. Jonas and Gabriel were cold and tired. Gabriel was getting weaker. How did Jonas find the strength to go on?

Jonas had the sudden memories of happiness. He was remembering about his family, his friends, the good times, and The Giver. He was remembering the little things that made him happy. He felt sudden happiness and joy. He felt hope once again.

2. What result did Jonas's brief encounter with sunshine have on him?

Jonas wanted to keep the sunlight to himself, to keep he warmth and bask in the sun. He had the sudden urge that he had to share something so soothing and happy with someone else. His feelings of love and caring came into him and he decided to share the beauty of warmth.

3. Jonas "was aware with certainty and joy that below, ahead, they were waiting for him; and that they were waiting, too, for the baby." Why was Jonas so certain?

Jonas was hearing the music and people singing. Maybe he did die, maybe Elsewhere was like heaven. Maybe Elsewhere is heaven! Since Jonas and Gabriel were so cold maybe they did die from hypothermia or something. Jonas did hear the music and singing, but behind him was the echoes of the old songs that he had left. He was heading towards a new beginning.


As Jonas and Gabriel slide closer and closer to the bottom of the hill, Jonas felt the sled skidding around, and he and Gabriel tumbled down the hill. The soft snow didn't hurt as much as hard ice, but it was freezing cold. Jonas was on the edge of giving up and Gabriel was crying. Jonas cried and cried, wishing, and was hoping that it would all end. The pain, the fear, and the struggle. He tried to get back up but stumbled again. Their bodies were so cold that at the touch of their skin it could freeze a finger.

Jonas suddenly felt a small glowing sensation. Warmth. He felt warmth and sunshine. He felt like he was coming home to fireplace. He looked up and the sun was out, snow was melting around him. Gabe was giggling once again as he pointed to a figure walking to him.

A girl, with pale eyes and around his age kneeled down to him.

"Where I am?" he asked.
"You are in Elsewhere, I guess you can say that." she smiled and laughed a bit.
The laugh, it seemed so familiar and it seemed so hear it.
"What is your name?" she asked
"Jonas. This is Gabriel." he said as he held Gabe close.
"Nice to meet you Jonas. Come on and we will clean you up." she said as she helped Jonas up to his feet.

All pain was gone and Jonas felt happy and free. He felt like there was nothing else to face, no danger, no pain, no worries. Jonas felt like this was the life he and Gabriel were waiting for.

"My name is Rosemary." she said as she smiled.

At that moment happiness filled him up again. He was free, the people around him singing once again. He felt joy, peace, and love. Happier he was as he realized that soon, The Giver would also join them.

For the first time, Jonas felt free.

Jonas looked down and he could see everything. He could see the other communities. He found his. As he looked closer into his community he could see his family and friends. They were crying. They were actually feeling real sadness. The grief of his own death he thought. Everyone else seemed frazzled. Worried about the memories they would have to face, the pain and feelings they would feel. The Giver was there, looking up and smiling. Jonas had the sensation that the Giver knew he was in Elsewhere. Jonas smiled back and he felt love again. He loved the Giver, and his family truly did love him.

Jonas knew that he and Gabriel will be just fine in Elsewhere. They knew that there would be no more pain, suffering or loss.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #10

 If I ran the world, everything would have to be friendly. Everyone would have to be nice to everyone and contribute something to their communities. Everyone would try to make this world better and I would get rid of every single bad guy out there. I would try to make this world better by trying to put the biggest problems first other than trying to solve the smaller things first. I would try to make everything better and make the world happy.

Blog #13 - Famous

I would rather be unknown when I am alive but then remembered once I am dead. If I am forgotten after I am dead, that wouldn't be worth all the work that I have probably put in to being where I was when I was famous. If I am remembered after my death, well I wouldn't know because I would be dead. At least when I am dead people would know who I am and what I did rather than having a long run as being famous then being forgotten right away.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #9

The biggest lie I have ever told was to my dad. He said I shouldn't buy any shirts that have cartoons, characters, or bands. I bought a Star Wars t-shirt because it was on sale and it was the month that the new Star Wars movie will be released. So I had to hide the t-shirt till my dad found it. He didn't really mind but he decided that I had to get rid of some other shirts and clothes. That sadden me.

Blog #12 - Legacy

I guess I would like to be remembered for my writing skills. Some people say that I have an advanced writing skill and that I can always take a step up. I never do because I don't really believe that I have great writing skills. I want to put confidence in people, I want them to feel like they are worth something and that they should never give up. 

For example, the debate we had here. Yes I still remember the clarity of my self yelling at everyone and trying to make my point shine. I can seriously be and inspirational speaker if I wanted to. Though, I don't want to scare the people because most people see me as someone quiet, polite, and shy. I have more power inside of me and it is waiting to be released into this world. I can and if I want to, be a public speaker. I just need to get out of my shell and throw myself to the world. It is basically like jumping from one cliff to another. You may fall to death or make it across safely. I plan to make it across or to die as a hero. As someone another person can respect. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #8

Ah, sadness. What an enemy.

Basically, I would try to listen to my favorite music and I would draw to calm myself down. My friends can easily notice when I am sad or upset because... I barely get upset. I always rock myself back and forth, soothing myself quietly. I also occasionally bring out the ice cream carton and eat from the carton. I would sometimes cry it all out and feel better later on.

Yea. I barely get sad so... eh.

Monday, March 7, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #7

1: This is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco

I really like this song, the tune is very catchy and I really like the lyrics. I think this has to do with death since in the video, he dies later on. The video also shows that he does want to die so he could stop fighting, hence the line "If you love me, let me go!"

 2: Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

This song seems so cheerful in the beginning. Once you start understanding the lyrics, you realize that he lost his girlfriend in the song. The song is explaining how he goes through sadness and grief but soon recovers and tries to move on. This also teaches us that we can move on as well, but to never forget our loved ones.

3: My Song Know What you did in the Dark (Light em' up) - Fallout Boy

This song has been one of my favorites and always will be. This song always pumps me up and I love the tune. I always sing this to myself whenever I feel down or I need to get pumped for something. I love this song!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #6


1. Rio de Janeiro. I have wanted to see the birds and attend Carnival. I always like to try new foods so that can also be my opportunity to try some Brazilian foods. I also love forests and nature so that would be a great place to be in.

2. OOOHH CANADA! Yes, I would love to visit Canada! They have many fun winter activities to do. They have underground malls and stores, hockey halls of fame, many amazing lights and towers. I love hockey, so I would also attend a game. I also love the cold, and Canada is also warm so I can go visit Niagra Falls. Did I mention that I love hockey?

3. LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN, FALLING DOWN, LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN, WHEN ITS FALLING.  Yes! London is another place I would love to visit. I have wanted to see that red phone booth before and I have wanted to see Big Ben as well. Maybe catch a photo with one of the guards and possibly the queen.

4. Viva la France! France is also another place I would love to go to. I have wanted to try their food that is said to be one of the best. I love pastries and sweets so maybe I can try some French pastries. I would love to go see the Effiel Tower and try anything that is available to me.

5. Last but not least, back to the days at lil' old Cali'! I have visited California before and I loved it. LA is amazing and it looks so gorgeous. Well, minus the smoggy air. California is an amazing place to go to and I would love to explore it on my own and see everything. Maybe even catch a glimpse at some of my favorite YouTubers.


New York

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March Madness Blogging - Blog #5

I wish I understood why I am so afraid of being alone.

I don't know, I have a fear of crowds but when I am alone I feel lonely. I want some people around me but not that much. I want to socialize but then I don't. I try to face a crowd but then I panic on the inside.

Why do we even have fears? What would the world be like without fears? What if our fears are just our nerves getting to us?

I wish I understood all of this and my other questions.


Friday, March 4, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #4

A person that fascinates is is a Youtuber named Connor Franta.

Connor Franta is one of those motivational Youtubers who motivates people to go on. He isn't afraid to be himself around others and on the Internet. Connor is really honest and actually care for the people out there who have troubles or problems. He frequently opens his advice box and tries to give the best advice he can. He also has a nice sense of humor and always tries to make his fans smile. He posts a video every Monday on "Frantastic Monday". He share his life with us and usually adds something motivational in there. Connor loves to tell stories and to entertain the people of the Internet. He really doesn't mind being himself and people don't judge him for who he is. For some reason, I feel like he is different from the other Youtubers. He is very sweet and caring. Even though there are other Youtubers out there like him, I feel like there is something different about him than the rest.


Blog #11 - Reaction

I have no words.

Chapter eighteen made sense. Who wouldn't be depressed from seeing the bad things? She has been released and well, the people in Jinas community thought that the release was something better and wasn't painful. It was supposed to be cheerful.

Well that was wrong.

Chapter nineteen shows the release of the newborn. Apparently they KILL the child with some sort of liquid. They also killed Rosemary that way. What about the Old? Do they also get shots and die? Maybe they die in a different way. Probably less painful than the shots. Now I am not trusting this community at all.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #3

Like I said before in my first March Madness blog, I have a major fear of crowds. It happened when I got lost in a huge stadium. It was so crowded, I lost the touch of my mothers hand and I practically screamed and ran around, desperate to look for my family. I was only six. Ever since then, I always stayed near my family and whoever I see a huge crowd of people I immediately take a different route that has less people. I run through a crowd of people if I do get stuck in a huge crowd. If that doesn't work, push through the clusters of humans. If that doesn't work either, find a empty spot and escape from there.

If all else fails, I scream.

Remember kids, I am very afraid of crowds so if you don't want your ear popped from my scream, make some room for me to walk by without harming anyone's ears :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Madness Challenge- Blog #2


1. What I really look for in someone, is someone caring. I don't want someone who will care for themselves and only themselves. I want someone who is willing to help others out and care for the world and me of course.

2. A fun filled person. I love joking around and I love speaking about random topics and things. So someone loopy and fun would be able to keep me talking till I lose my voice.

3. A sweet heart. People who are sweet and kind always get me. I love seeing people being warm hearted to all different kinds of people and seeing people being sweet and kind to everyone. Always brightens my day.

4.  Someone  with culture and who isn't afraid to try new things. I am always up to try new things if someone is along with me. People who know more about older things should be able to have a background in history and should be able to tell many stories about their past in different countries. Story time is best time.

5. Now this is like most girls and boys, a cute smile, laugh, and eyes always get me. Can I help it if someone looks adorable when they laugh? No. Can I help it that their eyes look so pretty? No. If their smile is so sweet? No. I love those types of characteristics in all people, makes everyone look beautiful because everyone has a different smile, eyes, and laugh that separates them from the rest.


6. A person who will always be there for me in the darkest times. I would like someone who will be there for support and who will always try to motivate me to keep going. Inspiration and motivating. I also would like someone who will be serious when they have to be serious

7. Now someone with humor and who is really funny is always nice to be around. I also look for that in guys because I want someone who is fun and funny to be around. Then the fun will never end!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Madness Challenge - Blog #1

Five Random Facts About Me!

1. Whenever someone drops a book, I just say "Ow." automatically. I don't know, it just comes out of my mouth every time someone drops a book. Maybe I have a connection with them.....

2. Book deaths. I think I actually do have a connection with books. Every time someone gets hurt or someone dies, I can feel the sting of the knife or the pain of the bullet. I can feel every single little thing and sometimes I feel like I can smell the scents they mention in books. Pretty weird.

3. I'm very loopy, even though it doesn't seem like it. In the halls I randomly break into dance moves or I run down the hall yelling something like; "Gah! Hurry Marisa, the Stormtroopers and Darth Vader are behind us!". In gym, I really don't like getting stuck between people in Cardio days. So I usually yell out "The red coats are coming, run for your lives!", when ever the crowd of red shirts is right behind me. I actually joke a lot but not around people I don't really know.

4. Nicknames! I give my friends nicknames based on personality tests and what they like. For example, Marisa and I took a test of which character from "The Flash" series are we. Marisa got Cisco and I have Barry (aka the Flash). So now we call each other Cisco and Barry. When we are angry at each other or when one of us slipped up we call each other Sidious (Me) and Vader (Her). We got those nicknames from "Which Sith Lord are you?" quiz. We have many nicknames.

5. I am very alone. Literally, I make my walls filled with pictures and other things. Sometimes I talk to my walls or to my pillow because I am very alone. Not only that but I make human characters based off of inanimate objects, so I guess I see objects as human now. Like the color red, I see as a human because I made a character based of the color red. It is very interesting.


6. I. AM. TERRIFIED. OF. CROWDS. I just can't stand being between a cluster of people and that is why I run as fast as I can out of the hallway and why I run away from crowds in the Cardio challenge. I mean, I can take many people in a class, but whenever there is a huge cluster of people together and I'm in the middle of it, I run out of there. No crowds for me!

7. At random moments I all of the sudden talk in a British accent (that sound Australian). I have been practicing for so long it is starting to get attached to my vocal cords. It just pops in my voice for a moment and then back to an American accent. I don't know.


Blog #10: Understanding

Jonas' point of view makes me see that he sees the community differently than everyone else. Jonas thinks it isn't fair that people don't have certain things anymore and that they should bring them back. He thinks that the community would be better with colors and hills and all the things that were in the past. From what I can see, this community is VERY strict on being the same. I mean, they don't have any color at all. Everything is equal and I feel like this is effecting Jonas and the Giver. They both know about the past and they see what their community is now as something horrible. I do think that it isn't right to have every single little thing be equal. They think that differences can lead to many bad things. It might but sometimes differences can be a good thing. Everyone deserves to be different in some manner. This community, doesn't all that and they should. I feel like this community is awful, equality cannot always be the best solution.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog #9 - Imagine

The song "Imagine" by John Lennon is about imagining something that could happen. This man is singing about a world of imagination where everything if perfect and nothing is wrong. No wars, no hunger, no violence, everything is perfectly perfect. All the people there would be living together and everything would be fine and alright.

This is like The Giver. In The Giver, everyone is living together and everyone is getting along perfectly. There are no wars, no hunger, no violence, everyone has what everyone else has. Everything there is perfect. In The Giver, everyone gets a job at the age of twelve, everyone has something to do, no complaints. Everyone gets a home and plenty of food. Everything is perfect and it is like a world of imagination.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blog #8 - Freedom

So, in one of the lines of the preamble it states "establish justice and domestic tranquility". In today's society, we attempt to establish justice as much as we can. When it comes to freedoms, our community tries to do everything they can so everyone could get along. For example, in the earlier years, African Americans didn't have the same rights as white people did. Today, any kind of race or skin color, has the same rights as anyone else can. Everyone can go where they want to go and do what they want to do (as long as it doesn't go against the law), and we have many freedoms.  

This answer does support the statement about establishing justice. Today an unfair things that is a major part, doesn't slip through easily. Once they find out that it isn't fair or right, it is gone. This is also challenging because sometimes justice can take weeks to be established. There are many difficult things that come in life that take a long time to solve. 

In The Giver, everything is equal and everything is peaceful. This does follow the statement in the preamble about justice and tranquility. Everything is equal so there is no fights or protests. Everything is equal and the same so nothing is ever upside down or is wrong in that world 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blog #7 - Jonas' POV Change

Jonas' point of view has changed, it isn't changed completely cut I think it will change gradually. Jonas' has started to wonder about the past and why did they take certain things away. He was thinking since somethings felt so pleasurable or fun, why did they have to take everything away? He was probably wondering all about what other things can cause pain, pleasure, or is there mores ways to experience fun. Jonas' will probably be wondering all about that until he gets more answers.

Blog #6 - New Chapter Title

I would title chapter eight "From Murmurs to Chants". Here in this part of the book, near the end of the chapter, the crowd was chanting for Jonas. Here was when they murmured and then got louder gradually. It was basically like they started at something small and soft sounding but then got bigger and louder. This murmuring and chanting, basically was saying that they accepted Jonas for who he was. This is a significant thing for Jonas, knowing that he is still different but he will be accepted in the community.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Blog #4 - Unity through Conformity?

The conformity in Jonas' world does help the other bond over things.  First of all, everyone would get along and everyone would be equal. No one would be higher than the other and be causing anger to to their bragging and boasting about being higher. There wouldn't be any fights or quarrels since everyone is equal! The town would also be safe since other people have their backs and protect them. The rules are just to keep them safe. Not only that but everyone would be together and be bonding together.

It is kind of like slavery. Everyone was forced to be the same and to get along. So, I guess we can say that in Jonas' world the are kind of forced to be together and to act the same way everyone else does. Same with Hitler. Hitler only wanted people to look the same, have the same religion, and have many other same qualities. Jonas' world has most of those things. Same clothes, stick with age groups, and many other traits.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

What if?

In Jonas' world, they have no knowledge about historical events or family history. What if in our world, no one knew about historical events?

I would probably be wondering, thinking, how did this world came to be? I would be asking so many questions, it could make some head pound from frustration and stress. The public may never know, how did this statue came to be. Where did these symbols, items, and other things were invented. Many questions would be unanswered and just stay stuck in the minds of people, drifting off into the thinking area. For our whole entire lives, we may be wondering about our existence and our life that was in the past.

Imagine that we never knew how America has gotten it's freedom. The public will obviously be wondering how we received our freedom. Along with our freedom came the flag, symbols of freedom, the declaration, the constitution, and many other symbols of freedom. People will always be wondering how did all this came to be.

If we didn't know the past, then, how would we learn from our mistakes? We would be doing the same mistake over and over again. It would probably be the same for inventions and other things. We would always be wondering and thinking, how we can make this better. If we can't learn from the past then we will never learn from our mistakes.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Two Worlds Colliding

In "The Giver", the main character Jonas lives in this community that has many difference and similarities to our world


  • Both have rules/laws that need to be followed 
  • Both travel by bike
  • Humans are living in a community 
  • Adopting children 
  • Have families 

  • Very strict rules 
  • Can ONLY travel by bike
  • Assigned a job 
  • Adult at Twelve 
  • Ceremonies for each age
  • Certain things takes away at a certain age
  • Can only get two children (one female and one male) 

Now, if I had to pick one of these worlds to live in, I would stay in my world. I wouldn't want to stay in a world where there are many strict rules and many things that happen in certain ages. I would rather live in a world where we can be free and do what we want. Our world does have laws that we have to follow, but they aren't as strict as the Giver's world. I would enjoy staying in this world rather than being in a world with rules that seem so pointless and stupid. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blog One - Career Choices

When people pick your job for the twelves, for the rest of your life, there are some good and bad things about that. 

First of all, if someone picks out their job, well the twelves have a secure job for the rest of your life! Twelves won't have to worry about what they are going to be and what happens if they don't get a job because they already have a job. Not only that but now they have more time to study the job theywere assigned to. Twelves would only have to worry about what is ahead in their job and almost nothing else. 

Then again, what if the twelves didn't get a job they enjoyed? What if they wanted a different job? That is a downside. Some of the twelves might not even want a job. What if the twelves want to live a simple life and their other partner is the only one who works? Sometimes one person always stays at home and cleans and takes care of the home while the other works. That isn't the case of the twelves are ASSIGNED their jobs. They have to work whether they like it or not. Sometimes people just want to do other things, instead they have to work with a job they possibly do not like. Twelves might love their job or hate it. It depends if the odds are in their favor. Other than that, this job picking idea might not be the best.