Monday, March 27, 2017

Blog Post #7

My book, "Bluefish", is about a boy named Travis who wasn't very skilled in reading and had a huge fear of it. Whenever Travis went into a room full of books or if he was assigned to read a paragraph, he would get very nervous and scared. There was this paragraph where he was entering his reading class and suddenly felt claustrophobic and fear washed over him when he saw the wall of books. It was mentioned that he hadn't had reading classes with a whole class since fifth grade. He ditched school many times to avoid going to reading class. I have had a similar reading experience. In second grade, I struggled with reading. That year I was suddenly switched to English classes. Before second grade, I was in first and kindergarten Spanish classes. I knew how to speak English, but I couldn't really read or write English. That year of second grade was when AR testing started and for us second graders, my teachers said we had to do the AR test for every book we read or it would go against our points and grade. It was a nightmare. I avoided big books at all costs, and I would only pick up picture books. At the time, my teacher had high expectations for me, and wanted me to read chapter books. I used excuses to get out of our reading time and lied about finishing books. My teacher found out later and asked why I was doing that. When I explained, she did understand my situation. After that, our librarian helped me with reading English and taking the AR tests. The fear of reading for me was gone once I realized that I found joy in reading.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Blog Post #6 - Vocabulary

Book: The Lost Years of Merlin

Plot: Emrys, a twelve year old boy, plans to find his home and past after he forget everything when he crashed into a pile of rocks on shore at the age of seven. He encounters the truth that he has the magic to save the world and the new island that he found that was in danger.

Assignment: Find five words you didn't know and define them

1. Word: Pinnacle  Page: 3

    Definition: a high pointed place of a rock or the highest point of something

2. Word: Careened  Page: 7

    Definition: to move swiftly but in an uncontrolled way, not going in a certain direction

3. Word: Dialects  Page: 15

    Definition: a form of speaking from a certain region or place; local language of a place

4.  Word: Cajole  Page: 19

     Definition: persuading to do something with flattery or coaxing

5.  Word: Crass. Page: 23

     Definition: lacking intelligence, sensitivity, or sophistication

Friday, March 10, 2017

Illustration 1 - Blog Post #5

The image that I drew is from the book, "The Alchemyst". This book is about magic and the art of mastering it. Two twins, Sophie and Josh Newman, discovered that they knew the greatest alchemyst in the world. Nicholas Flamel, who is the Alchemyst, had the Book of Abraham Mage stolen from him. The twins and Nick are joined by other powerful legends to find and retrieve the book.

The drawing is showing the first performance of magic that Sophie performs. She is the first of the twins to have their power Awakend or revealed. She has a powerful aura; a pure silver color. This aura is rare and extremely dangerous. She pulls out the whip of pure aura magic and proves to her enemies that she can do more. This weapon is revealed when she is fighting the Cat Goddess, Bastet. This shows that Sophie is powerful but at the same time, extremely dangerous.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Blog #4

What paragraph in your book interests you and why?

"Every human has a similar glow around their body. In the distant past, people could see it clearly and they named is aura. It comes from the Greek word for breath. As humans evolved most lost the ability to see the aura. Some can of course." - Nicholas Flamel  (The Alchemyst, Pg 40)

This book is about magic and the people who had these powers. Nicholas was one of them, and he and his wife have been keeping a sacred book safe, until Dr. John Dee stole it from them. Two twins named Sophie and Josh helped Flamel to keep the last two pages of the book, which were an important part of the book. Now they are on their way, gathering other legendary people to help them.

This particular paragraph interested me because of the auras. In the book, Nicholas says that everyone has a distinct color and smell to their aura magic. He has the smell of mint, Dee has the smell of rotten eggs, Josh has the smell of oranges, and so on. Auras with a single color are rare and auras with multiple colors are more common. Also, Nicholas explains that auras colors attract certain things. His wife has an aura of a pale shimmer white, attract ghosts and dead spirits. Even if this is magic, I find this fascinating. Overall this book does have many surprises, but to think that auras in this book can be so different from one another is incredible. Myths, legends, and magic excite me and are something interesting to read.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Blog #3 - Questions

Here are 5 questions that I thought of while reading my book, "Small as an Elephant" by Jennifer Richard Jacobson.

Short summary of the book, Jack Martel was left behind by his mother while on a camping trip. Jack is trying to find his mom, but since he is from Boston and their camping trip was in Maine, Jack doesn't know where to start. So he's just wandering around trying to find his mom.

1. What kind of mental disorder does his mom have?

2. How did Jack form his obsession with elephants?

3. Why did Jack run away from the authorities, even though he knew that everyone was looking for him to return him home?

4. How did seeing Lydia the elephant help Jack?

5. When Jack broke his pinky, why didn't he ask for medical assistance when he was still in the camping grounds?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Blog: Intro to Poetry Reflection

1. I think that a poem should tell a story but, the story has to be hidden in some way so then the reader can try to figure out what is the meaning in the poem. A poem should have a strong and emotional meaning behind it, since most poems are emotional or deep in some manner. Maybe the poem can mean something that is relatable but you won't really realize it until you've read it a few times.

2. A poem probably shouldn't have very long stanzas and lines that basically give the whole life lesson away before you can even figure it out. A poem should be challenging and some what entertaining because you should be able to get the "realization moment" once they have founded what the meaning is. Let's face it, if you write your stanzas super long, go write a novel instead.

4.  Well,  both talk about one simple choice, mistake, or thing. In the case for the Williams poems, it talks about the ability to not able to resist so,ethnic and an item that is small but important. The Bradstreet poem talks about love, a simple thing that can a make two people very happy. These are the simple things that make life fun, good, easy, and basically a lesson.

3. The differences in the two poems, other than that they talk about different things is that one poem expresses itself in more detail than the other that is small but very meaningful. The Williams poems are very short but somehow send a meaningful message. The other poem, is a bit confusing and takes a while to process but soon, you'll figure out the message it is sending.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blog: About my father Jackie Robinson

1. I suppose that Sharon Robinson wrote that article because she wanted to make people aware that her father broke the color barrier when her father, Jackie Robinson, played with white men. She wanted to let the people know what her father did to change history.

2. As Sharon said in the beginning, her father broke the color barrier, which is what separated black and white men from playing in sports. Branch Rickey brought her father, Jack Roosevelt Robinson, to come in to play with a white men baseball team in order to break the barrier. This article is about how  noto hing is impossible. Sure there will be obstacles in the way in order to get to your main goal, but that goal could change the world forever. Jackie did that. He broke the color barrier and now African Americans can,play in sports and have many other freedoms.

3. The color barrier didn't allow negro players to play in the Majors. How? Since there was mostly white players on the team and since most people disliked the negros, negros had their own separated teams and sports. By that, it means that they can only play with people of their colors and couldn't play with the best of the best in the Majors.

4. Obviously, Rickey needed to have a good ball player on the field if he was going to bring in a negro. Robinson had a nice record in his days of college and baseball. Rickey needed a good man, someone who could play ball, and someone who can mange not to fight back. From the good records Rickey saw in Robinson's past, he was pretty sure that Jackie would be the right one.

5.  Rickey needed someone who wouldn't fight back. The players and audience would do anything to anger him, something in order to make Jackie look bad. Something to make the negros look bad. Something that would mess up their reputation. Jackie needed to show that he had the guts in order NOT to fight back, to make it clear that negros can do amazing things. To show that any colored people should be treated the same was as the white people. He needed someone who can be a role model, a leader to everyone and that person was Jackie Robinson.

6. Robinson has earned respect. He won many awards and won many games for his teams. Now a days, we see people of all skin colors playing on the fields. Everyone is breaking barriers from sports, religion, languages, and many other things. We can be sure, that Jackie Robinson helped in contributing to break the color barriers. Today people are continuing to break barriers.